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«Art&signatures» offers a new text by Pavel Gelman, a writer, playwrighter, author of tv series:

«About the character’s responsibility.

The character should not forget that his life is wholly composed by the author. But as a rule, only those characters who tend to completely forget about that, are well received.


The profession of a playwrighter teaches to evaluate a person’s actions, not his aura. That is the value of this profession.


It is important to love oneself, but not too much, but as if … hardly trying.


I envy the dancers. Dance as a meaning of life is not destroyed in any kind of chaos.


There is such a type of socialising between thinking people, which I call the „exchange of notes.“ In this case, the interlocutors exchange archived thoughts, which they had previously thought through. In the process itself, nothing happens, the engine does not start, the thinking machine stutters and does not go anywhere.

And there is communication, in the process of which SPARKS fly. And you come out of such a process withough a slight disappointment, but with a PROFIT. The communication was EVENTFUL.

It has been noticed that „events“ occur in a number of cases:

-when there is explicit or implicit COMPETITION between the interlocutors

-when the topic of discussion is RISKY for the interlocutors for one reason or another.


The character hides from the author in the future (as he is already in the future, even though he has not yet been composed). The author searches for him, like when playing a game of hide-and-seek, by listening for rustling, looking for shadows, hearing a stifled exhale.»

Pavel Gelman
writer, screenwriter, author of tv series